rabarbaro santoni


Rabarbaro Santoni was founded in 1961, when Gabriello Santoni’s passion inspired him to create a balanced mix of rhubarb rhizomes infused with aromatic, medicinal herbs, resulting in a liqueur with a pleasant and delicate flavour. Staying true to the original recipe and its moderate alcoholic content, Rabarbaro Santoni is still distinctly modern, with a great timeless character. Excellent when enjoyed neat, it’s also a perfect refresher with ice and soda. It’s even delicious served warm with orange peel.

  Rabarbaro Santoni
CL. 70
Alcohol content: 16
Serving temperature: 14° C
Color: dark brown
Flavor: pleasing, with a sweet-bitter
 Rabarbaro Santoni



An absolute unique product.
A liqueur that can be enjoyed either plain,
for after dinner, or “on the rocks”.

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quality has deep roots
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